A free system for synchronizing PDA's with web applications*.
Installation and Use
Download the PHProjekt module or the win32 PHProjekt Palm sync conduit and follow the included instructions to install them**. You must download and install both pieces before synchronization will work.
Once you have installed the module and conduit, no further software is necessary and you can do a full synchronization. The conduit on the PC side translates between the PDA's synchronization requests and web requests. The module on the web application side translates between web requests and modification requests that the web application understands.
Available synchronization platforms
Currently, you can synchronize between the Palm Pilot datebook and the PHProjekt calendar module. You must synchronize from a Microsoft Windows PC.
If you would like to see more web applications, PDA types, and OS'es supported, please consider contributing to this project. We can use coders, testers, documentation writers, etc. Or you could always contribute money! If you are interested please email the mailing list or email me personally: kylist at shcorp dot com. All modules contributed to this project must be licensed under an OSI-approved license.
My intention is to provide as many types of synchronization as people are willing to contribute. For example, I use "KOrganizer" from the KDE desktop to store my appointments. If I write a synchronization module between KOrganizer and PHProjekt, I will upload it to the web-pda project page. My employer is also currently considering funding work so that we can sychronize between Palm contacts and PHProjekt contacts; if this happens I will add this to the Palm sync conduit.
If you are in a similar situation and write a module that works with the other modules in this project, please let me know and I will post it or give you administrative access to maintain it. Keep in mind that this project is intended to support any platform. On the web application side, this includes PHProjekt, PHPGroupWare, and any other application that has data suitable for synching to a PDA and can accept http requests. On the PDA side, this could include Palm Pilots, Pocket PC's, Zaurus, etc. On the OS side, this could include Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS, etc.
For help, join the web-pda users mailing list.
*This project is released under the GPL, a free/open source/software libre license. This means the source code of the project is always available and may be freely modified. See http://www.fsf.org/philosophy/free-sw.html for more information.
**If you prefer the "bleeding edge" development version, download the nightly CVS build; look in the subdirectory or subdirectories containing the module you would like to use. As with all development versions, be aware that the CVS version may be broken from time to time, so only use this if you know what you are doing.
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